Helen Saunders

1885 – 1963

Helen Saunders was born in 1885 in London. She studied at the Slade School of Art between 1906-07, and subsequently exhibited at the Allied Artists Association (AAA ) salon in 1912 and 1913. She attended the Rebel Art Centre in spring, 1914, and met Lewis and the other Vorticists at this time. She was sympathetic to their programme for the renewal of British art, and signed the Vorticist Manifesto in BLAST. Her name, however, was written as ‘H. Sanders’ – not an error recorded in the ERRATA section thus we must assume this was intended by Saunders. This ‘mistake’ was repeated the published 1915 gallery list.

Saunders was subsequently involved in the midst of all Vorticist endeavours after this point. She participated in the 1915 Vorticist Exhibition, and was involved in Vorticist room designs for the Tour Eiffel restaurant in London (where Lewis and the Vorticists often met). She exibited at the AAA salon for 1916. She also participated in the 1917 Vorticist exhibition.

She died in London in 1963.

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