Wadsworth’s Rolls Royce Surfaces

It is fair to say Edward Wadsworth was a very wealthy man. He didn’t need to earn money from being an artist. None of the artists made much of a living from Vorticist works, so in a sense, he could afford to be Vorticist.
His Rolls Royce is for sale in the USA at the moment.
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Quoting from the description:

1927 Rolls Royce Torpedo Phaeton By Barker

This 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I, chassis number 21UF was initially used by Rolls Royce as a company trials car in the French Riviera and London. After the testing, it was shipped back to London where it was sold to its first buyer, a Mr. E. A. Wadsworth, who commissioned Barker and Company to build a touring body. Wadsworth was a well known, avant garde artist from a wealthy, UK family. Wadsworth kept 21UF for only a short period of time and the car was resold again by the Rolls Royce agent Arthur Tooth and Sons. It traded hands again, four years later in 1933 to another Londoner, Mr. Dudley Watts. 21UF was once again resold to Ronald Horton in 1935 who retained the car until 1938 when it was sold or traded to The Leicester Co-Operative LTD.