Edward Wadsworth Exhibition

An exhibition of the work of Edward Wadsworth is being held at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, between 14th September and 24th December 2013. The gallery’s address is Church Street, Barnsley town centre.

“Wadsworth was part of the generation of young men aff ected profoundly by war. This exhibition explores his life and work, taking us through the dynamic period of artistic change and social upheaval. Through his experience we can appreciate the influence these momentous changes had on modern life and modern art.

Paintings on loan from Tate, Imperial War Museum, Museums Sheff ield, Huddersfield Art Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery and The University of Leeds with support from The Paul Mellon Centre.”

Free admission.

  • Newcastle, 1914, woodcut. Appeared in BLAST, published 1914. Photograph copyright by vorticism.co.uk.