David Bowie Blesses BLAST

I was pleased to hear a report from a trusted friend that David Bowie has listed BLAST in his favourite top 100 books of all time. I immediately googled to try to confirm this. I first visited The Guardian as a trusted source of news: unfortunately the ignorant journalist didn’t actually list the 100 books, or link to the list; she merely harped on about how wonderful his choices were.

Next up, I tried The Telegraph. Thankfully there was the vaunted one hundred books listed below the article, in a section titled David Bowie’s Top 100 Must Read Books: . However, BLAST wasn’t there. My trusted friend is more trustworthy than any newspaper. So it must be that the Telegraph’s list was incomplete. I confirmed my suspicions with a simple cut/paste to Excel. 74 lines. so The Telegraph had erased more than 25% of the books from the list, or hadn’t bothered running a simple check. This just goes to show how rubbish modern journalists are (as if we didn’t already know…). They aren’t capable of either linking to the list (like the Guardian) or can’t quite manage to check that the list they’ve been handed has actually got 100 lines in it.

So was BLAST on the list?

The full, authoritative list is on David Bowie’s website. And though the list is in ‘no particular’ order, we have BLAST at line 18, and David Bomberg by Richard Cork at line 17. It seems that Mr Bowie is rather well informed about Vorticism, as well as being a great musician. I saw him at the now demolished Hemel Hempstead Pavilion in 1972. Ah, the Good Old Days. Proper newspapers would have reported such a story more accurately in 1972.

By the way The Daily Mirror was the best report – it listed the full 100 books. Well done The Mirror. You bettered the broadsheets when it came to Bowie and BLAST.

More about BLAST on this website.

More about Bomberg here and here.