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Wadsworth’s Rolls Royce Surfaces

It is fair to say Edward Wadsworth was a very wealthy man. He didn’t need to earn money from being an artist. None of the artists made much of a living from Vorticist works, so in a sense, he could afford to be Vorticist. His Rolls Royce is for sale in the USA at the

Edward Wadsworth Exhibition

An exhibition of the work of Edward Wadsworth is being held at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, between 14th September and 24th December 2013. The gallery’s address is Church Street, Barnsley town centre. “Wadsworth was part of the generation of young men aff ected profoundly by war. This exhibition explores his life and work, taking us

The Rebel Art Centre

The rebellion had occurred at the Omega Workshops. Lewis, Etchells, Hamilton and Wadsworth had all been employed at Roger Fry’s Omega Workshop from July 1913. Fry was trying to build a community of artisans who would be capable of supplying a hungry London customer-base with beautiful pieces of furniture, furnishings and objects d’art. For a


Edward Wadsworth: His Life and Art The Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, Yorkshire Saturday 14th September – Tuesday 24th December Wadsworth was part of the generation of young men affected profoundly by war. This exhibition explores his life and work, taking us through the dynamic period of artistic change and social upheaval. Through his experience we can

Vorticist Manifesto

The first section of BLAST is Manifesto I. Within this section, the Vorticists ‘blast’ many institutions, objects and people who need to be overcome before their vision of a new Vorticist Britain can come about. There is a (smaller) ‘Bless’ section which is a list the positive forces that favour their programme. What is unusual


BLAST was the Vorticists’ own periodical and manifesto. It was first published in June 1914. The journal’s editor was Wyndham Lewis, the de facto leader of the Vorticists. Subtitled a ‘Review of the Great English Vortex’, it literally reviewed the state of art at this moment in Great Britain, and what was required to reinvigorate

Edward Wadsworth

1889 – 1949 Edward Wadsworth was born on 29th October 1889 in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, UK. His family was wealthy, allowing him to travel to Munich to study engineering. However, he found painting to be more interesting, and so after returning to Yorkshire and attending Bradford Art College, he gained a scholarship to the Slade School

Cuthbert Hamilton

1884 – 1959 Cuthbert Hamilton studied at the Slade School of Art in London, between 1899 and 1903, a contemporary Slade student to Wyndham Lewis . After a spell of teaching at Clifton College to 1910, Hamilton collaborated with Lewis on the decorations for Madame Strindberg’s Cabaret Theatre Club in 1912-13. Hamilton then joined the

David Bomberg

1890 – 1957 Bomberg was born on 5 December 1890 in Birmingham. The family moved to Whitechapel soon after, and decided to become an artist in 1908. He attendend the Slade 1911-1913 where he studied alongside other future Vorticists such as William Roberts. He was widely exhibited during 1913-1914, during which time he had nurtured

Wyndham Lewis

1882 – 1957 Percy Wyndham Lewis was born on his parents’ yacht on the coast of Nova Scotia 18 November 1882. His father was American, his mother was English. By place of birth, Lewis was Canadian. The family was wealthy, and this allowed him to go to Rugby School in England, followed by three years