Wadsworth’s Rolls Royce Surfaces

It is fair to say Edward Wadsworth was a very wealthy man. He didn’t need to earn money from being an artist. None of the artists made much of a living from Vorticist works, so in a sense, he could afford to be Vorticist. His Rolls Royce is for sale in the USA at the

Theatre of War: Bomberg

9pm, Sunday, 28th September 2014, BBC4 “David Bomberg is now recognised as the most startlingly original British painter of his generation, but died in obscurity more than half a century ago. A Jewish immigrant from London’s east end, his early modernist works pushed art to its limits. Fighting at the Somme, David Bomberg watched the


Redactions, the American magazine dedicated to poetry, prose and poetics, has just brought out their ‘BLAST’ tribute issue. Tom Holmes, the editor, has brought together contributions from Tyrone Hopes, Robert Gibbons, Ed Schelb, John J. Trause, Doug Bolling, Greg Bachar, Mark Antliff, Scott W. Klein, Charles Sumner and David Lloyd. Alongside these contributions are the

BLAST 2014

To celebrate 100 years since the original Vorticist BLAST, Bath Spa University is holding an interdisciplinary event called BLAST 2014 on 24th – 25th July 2014. It looks an exciting event, and is essential for all Vorticist enthusiasts. Items on the agenda include: Enemy of the Stars The first staged performance of the 1914 version


Edward Wadsworth Exhibition

An exhibition of the work of Edward Wadsworth is being held at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, between 14th September and 24th December 2013. The gallery’s address is Church Street, Barnsley town centre. “Wadsworth was part of the generation of young men aff ected profoundly by war. This exhibition explores his life and work, taking us

Cuthbert Hamilton – A Puzzle

Cuthbert Hamilton was a signatory to the Vorticist manifesto in Blast, but is one of the lesser known Vorticists. He worked with Lewis on Madame Strindberg’s Cabaret Theatre Club decorations in 1912-13, and also worked at the Omega Workshops with Lewis and other future Vorticists. This picture, which has surfaced recently, is called Vorticist Nude,

David Bowie Blesses BLAST

I was pleased to hear a report from a trusted friend that David Bowie has listed BLAST in his favourite top 100 books of all time. I immediately googled to try to confirm this. I first visited The Guardian as a trusted source of news: unfortunately the ignorant journalist didn’t actually list the 100 books,


Painting above is of Ju-Jitsu by David Bomberg, 1913. Painting is © and shown here courtesy of the Trustees of the Tate Gallery. Photo © by VortexMaster 1982. David Bomberg was a great painter who got to the Slade on merit alone. His background was London East End – the poverty stricken section of London;

Enigmatic Vorticism

Timon of Athens, by Wyndham Lewis, 1913, drawing. Painting © and shown here courtesy of the Trustees of the Wyndham Lewis Memorial Trust. Photograph © by VortexMaster 2013. Vorticism is still a bit of an enigma. Why did it happen here in Britain all those years ago? How long could you say it lasted? And